Leojeany Sponsors Style Representative at NY Fashion Week

New York, NY – Leojeany, a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan, was pleased to sponsor a spokesperson for the company at New York Fashion Week in September 2022.

At Fashion Week, Leojeany found plenty to inspire its team, which specializes in streetwear and high fashion. The events served as a learning experience for the company, which is currently in its startup phase, as it as a brand already leans toward breakthrough styles such as extreme hairstyles and makeup looks such as what is commonly seen on the runway. One of four major fashion weeks throughout the world, New York Fashion Week showcases designers’ creations through catwalks and exhibits that allow stylists and designers to network.

This aspect of the experience was key for Leojeany as it seeks to expand its own network of connections within the fashion world. One key event that the company’s representative attended – and was photographed at by Getty Images – was the Glam Slam: Session 3, held on the Rooftop Terrace of Spring Studios in Tribeca. This event was hosted by IMG models and Spring Studios, was produced by FOCUS, and took place as a celebration of two of New York’s most popular and renowned affairs, the US Open Tennis Championships and New York Fashion Week itself.

Leojeany’s representative also attended a panel hosted by several iconic fashion designers and well-known tennis champions, who spoke on the intersection of sport and style in modern culture. Other events included shows by legendary fashion brands Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Fendi, and Laquan Smith. Among the key takeaways were observations on the week’s finale event, a show featuring black leather, lingerie as casual wear, and silk tracksuits.

Leojeany founder Leo Li, upon reviewing the entirety of Fashion Week, mentioned that the brand is interested in incorporating key trends, such as the straight neon hairstyles at the Fendi show, and the Warhol influence seen at the Tommy Hilfiger show in the form of bold colors, ponchos, heavy coats, and umbrellas. “Attending Fashion Week was integral to the future of our brand,” Li shares. “Working in fashion means always being on top of trends and interpreting them for different clients.”

The company, originally from XinJiang, China and now based in New York City, sent a representative to the week-long series of fashion walks and events in order to observe the latest trends in la mode and apply them to the business’s brand. Each exhibit at NYC Fashion Week was meant to motivate Leojeany as a company to push further its mission of combining bold colors and exotic patterns to everyday apparel.

His company is pleased to apply what it learned at New York Fashion Week to its plethora of services, which will now include fashion photography, personal shopping and styling, and more. “I think success is being able to do what you love and make a joyful living off of it,” says Li. “Entrepreneurship is being willing to take a risk and work hard to achieve your goals.”

Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

Company Website: https://leojeany.net/ 

Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leojeany/?hl=en
Contact Leo Li at [email protected]

Company Socials: @leojeany

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