How Your Business Can Incorporate Better Collaboration, Communication, and Conflict Resolution

Stress and toxic environments are some of the biggest complaints within organizations and Dr. Lisa Leit, Ph.D., MCC speaks directly to this. Many people avoid confrontation or difficult conversations to not stir anything up with coworkers and peers or even jeopardize their job. Dr. Leit has a better way to teach companies how to lead and relieve the tension in the workplace. 

As an expert in human relations and psychology with almost two decades of research and experience in her field, she has created the evidence-based Happy Whole Human (HWH) program for businesses and individuals to have better success with collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution.

Our workplaces are often dysfunctional and it has to do with the organization itself, and it can cause a lot of tensions. “When people in the workplace are equipped with better communication and effective techniques, there is more success in finding solutions and resolutions. This makes the environment less stressful and a place where you can flourish.” Dr. Leit explains.

“There is a lot of need for self-awareness, a learning mindset, and understanding ourselves and other people. When we communicate with awareness and understanding, it changes the way people can interact and interpret so that there are more healthy interactions without any projections and miscommunications.” Dr. Leit says. But how can we communicate more effectively? What are we doing that we aren’t aware of that is actually counterproductive to our desired outcomes? Dr. Leit explains, “We aren’t always aware of our self-defeating mechanisms. These are strategies that we subconsciously use to protect ourselves, but can actually end up hurting us in the end. Especially, in our relationships in the workplace, where we have the most to lose.” 

Learning to collaborate in a way that actually increases productivity is another tedious task. There are so many factors that come into play when we discuss what it means to actually collaborate. Dr. Leit explains, “It all starts with the individuals in the organization being more mindful. We assist leadership by providing an aggregate report card of company wellness across 28 dimensions of wellbeing, highlighting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We then determine which areas are working for the individuals and what’s actually working against them. When it comes to our coworkers, it can be easy to accidentally get into power struggles, offend people, or miss opportunities to connect and collaborate.” 

Fortunately, Dr. Leit’s Happy Whole Human (HWH) program can assist when it comes to communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution. She is a specialist in developmental psychology and has had success with over 2000 clients and students. Dr. Leit explains how her program evolved, “I realized at some point that the method I was using was getting transformative results for every single client I had. I knew that I had to offer this as a program so that I could help clients on a larger scale.” She continues, “ I saw that there was a real need for wellness initiatives that are easy to use, results-driven, and that actually work. The Happy Whole Human (HWH) program can help organizations and individuals with collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution. Our program is data-driven to target individual needs for lasting transformation.”

The neuroscience behind health and happiness is what makes this Happy Whole Human (HWH) program so enriching. “There is an abundance of knowledge on the subject and it is incredible that we get to use this to help clients and businesses offer the right tools and evidence-based approaches for healthy behavioral changes,” Dr. Leit explains. Coaching the whole person and then the organization will create a better work environment. “There are aspects of psychology, sociology, neuroscience, business and management, economics, and science that are used to build this coaching program and it works; it produces the results you want and changes the whole atmosphere.”

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